The Power Of Tape!

Ever get tired of the same ole paint job?  Spruce up your kids room with stripes or other designs by using painter's  tape.  This project is very EASY.  Beginner's can do this.  All you need is a roll of painter's tape and of course paint, brush, pan, roller, etc.  For my 10 year old son's room, I started by measuring the stripe I planned to paint along the center of the room.  I used a leveler and a pencil to draw a line across the middle of the room.  Then after drawing the stripe I took the painter's tape and taped along the marks.  Using a bright brick red, I painted in the center of the tape to paint the red stripe.  For the rest of the room I used a light blue gray color.  This is where you can get really creative using painter's tape.  I taped off above his bed the letter "A".  Measure, measure, measure....  I'm a perfectionist when it come to symmetry.  I decided to use a metallic silver for the "A".  The cheapest way to go was to use spray paint at $2.50 a can.  I taped pieces of newspaper along the outside of the letter so that the paint wouldn't get outside of the area I wanted to paint.  All in all, my son is happy with my.."his" design.  Only took 1 weekend.  If you decide to take on this easy peasy project, please share your pics and comments with this artical!

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  1. Love what you did to your sons room, it can be very difficult decorating boys rooms when they get to a certain age,(I should know I have 2) you did a great job.


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