Diggin The Dollar Stores Art!

Some of my favorite wall art or pictures have been purchased in discount stores for example; Family Dollar, Dollar General, Big Lots, Freds, etc..  If your not feeling the creative vibe to DIY, try going to one of these stores and check out what they have, you'll be glad you did!  They have anywhere from canvas print art to paintings and mirrors.  And I mean they sell large art!  I bought a huge painting, 28" x 28" with a 3" molding all around of a statue with a flower bouquet.  I paid only $25 buckaroos for this at Big Lots!  Another find was at Family Dollar, I bought a large canvas print there for $10.  I could keep going on but that is my secret to filling my walls.  It doesn't hardly cost a thing to make your home beautiful.  No one will know what you paid for what and it looks like a million bucks! 

Large Image
Family Dollar ( Great Ideas for Kids Bedrooms)
Assorted Wall Art image
Big Lots ( $10)
Kmart ($7.49)

Cheap huh?  Happy Shopping!

-Jessica Curry


  1. Hi! I just staged a new home built for sale and I did most of my shopping at the Dollar Store, Dollar General, Big Lots and believe it or not Salvation Army....and the silk floral accents I added myself (on Etsy) I was not given a large budget so they were my first spots to check... I was really happy the way it turned out and my client, a realtor, was even happier! On a small budget I furnished and decorated 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. 8 months later the home was sold and the buyer bought ALL the furnishings! I also used red as my main color! I will post the pictures to my link..if you'd like to take a peek! Great minds (on a budget) think alike :)..... Have a great day!

  2. Hi again! I just posted the pictures of my staging using $ store finds!


  3. Hey Sandy!

    I just checked out your FB pics and they are awesome! I love finding a deal and making my home look great at the same time. Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!


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