Garden Design on A Dime

You know, you don't have to spend a fortune on your flowers right?  Some of my best flowers have came from the clearance rack at Walmart or Lowe's Hardware.  Yep, only paid  .25 cents for these ice sickle plants.  I lucked up on six gallon container's and only paid a total of $1.50.  I purchased them back in September 2010, at that time I didn't have time to plant them and then it started getting too cold here in North Carolina, so I kept these perennials in my garage till March 2011 and planted them in a couple flower pots on my front porch.  Of course I watered and placed them near a window.  They are doing great to have been hibernating in my garage for about six months.  That's a garden design on a dime if you ask me.  

This Mandevilla plant I found (below) at Walmart located again on my favorite clearance rack had dead vines and yellow leaves, but still had a lot of green too.  Well, I bought this for $3.50, came home, pulled all the brown dead vines, yellow leaves out and gave it a little tender loving care for about a week and ta-da!! Look how great it's doing.  This has been one of my favorite finds on the rack of forgotten plants. 

So, to end this post, I strongly suggest looking for a clearance rack at your local nursery and visit it frequently.  I visit mine every week, sometimes two or three times...  Yes, I have an addiction for getting great deals.  Maybe you'll find the same interest in garden design on a dime.  I'll let you know my next great frugal find so stay close by!

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