China Wall Art

I love the look of a plate hanging on the wall, don't you?  You can get all types of plates in all kinds of designs and colors.  Just visit, Garden Ridge, Old Time Pottery, etc.  My fav place is going to yard sales or flea markets.  This is an easy way to get art on the wall at hardly no expense.  Some plates may even mean something to you.  Well, here's an easy DIY project for you! 

Instead of packing those dishes away in a buffet table, or in your china cabinet, place them on the wall.  Show them off and tell your story.  These plates were given to me by my Memaw one Thanksgiving morning.  I treasure this set of course!  Now I can see them everyday hanging there in my dinette.

I plan to hang many more plates in the future.  I tell you, they look great in groups, or hung by satin ribbon.  Oh and my favorite, white plates on a bold or neutral background.  Looks awesome!  Hmmm, that may just be my next project.......

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