Neglected Fern at Walmart

Yesterday I was at Walmart buying my groceries, you know the usual Dt. Mt Dew, milk, hazelnut creamer...enough of that, and like always I detoured to the clearance isle in the outside garden section.  There, I seen big potentially beautiful ferns looking at me.  I love ferns because they soften a room.  Anyways, it was only $5.00!!  Yeah it looks a little rough but with some TLC it will be looking like a $35.00 fern in no time.  You should know by now that I love to share my clearance plants with everyone.  There's no excuse to not having the money to spruce up your yard, porch or patio with flowers and foliage.  I've done it buying clearance perennials that come back year after year at only .25 cents for a gallon pot before.  That can go a long way!  Check out your local greenhouse, superstore or hardware store and ask where they marked down their plants next time you go.

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