Same Look, Lower Price! DIY Laminate Flooring

 When we bought this house back in April of 2010 it had white carpet throughout the house...  Yeah I know, I guess it was popular back in the 90's, as this house was built in 1998.  Difference between the last owners and this owner is that I have two young boys, two dogs and a husband.  We decided to go with a laminate floor I found for only .98 cents per square foot at Lowe's Hardware.  Needless to say we only paid around $400 for new floors.  Thanks to my husband that you see below in the pictures and my 10 year old son for putting them in over a two day period.  The color I chose was a Brazilian cherry wood made by Quickstep Flooring.  I will say that this floor is delicate till put down, I say that because it didn't take much to bend the tongue and groove sections on the end.  If you bent it, it was ruined.  So for those of you deciding to lay it wlaminate, careful with the edges that you lock together and be sure to buy at least 20% more for mistakes because they will happen..

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