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Over the years I've been discovering my own home interior style.  I have always been drawn to warm colors, such as barn red, butter toned yellows and espresso browns.  Nothings more comforting than waking up to coffee brewing and walking into a bright warm sunny kitchen.  When your happy with your home, your happy being there.  Color can make you feel happy and color can make you feel sad.  I prefer joyful.

Which brings me to talk about my favorite color on the wall, yeller!  That was no surprise!  I am crazy for a room painted the color of a light canary yellow on the wall accented by crisp white crown molding and a rustic mahogany wood floor.  Sounds so charming doesn't it?  I'm realizing that I have a thing for cottage/traditional/modern style.  Below is a few pics that I found which has caught my blue eye and I wanted to share them with you. 

This is what I'm designing for my kitchen, my dream kitchen.  As I have discussed before, I've lived in my home now for 15 month's and have only decorated my two boy's rooms.  My next room on the list for a makeover is the kitchen.  I NEED some inspiration for my kitchen!  Hope this gets me going.  As I go buy the paint, the tile, the wood stain, etc...$$$  I will be sharing my experiences with you.  Here are some inspirational pic's  for decorating my dream kitchen.... 



"Being creative makes me happy, being happy feeds my soul...." 
-Jessica Curry

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