DIY Letter Photography Collages

I am sure you have seen these letter photography collage wall art in the stores, festivals online.. right?  If you haven't you've been in the house too long.. :)

Framed Photo Wall Art - Believe
source: Hobby Lobby


Well, I was thinking how easy this would be to DIY.  So I took my little camera and headed for the great outdoors and started snapping away.  At first it was challenging because I couldn't imagine letters anywhere.  I walked around my yard for about 20 minutes with my camera in hand.  My neighbors probably think I'm nuts...  Anyhoo, I chose to make a letter collage using DIY of course, ( it was an easy choice) and this is what I came up with. 

This was actually pretty fun to do and rewarding at the same time.  I am pretty pleased how it turned out.   Are you wondering how I got it to look aged and with the matte frame?  I discovered this awesome free photo editing website called picnik.  You should try it, I use it all the time.  I did all this for free!  Now I just need to print it out, frame and hang on my wall.

So why don't you take your camera and start creating your letter collage.  Make sure you come back and share your creation with DIYStyleHome!


  1. Fun fun! I have done this before too:

    What is your letter 'Y'? I can't figure it out!


  2. Thanks Aubrey! lol...the "Y" is a tree. Couldn't find anything else to photograph. Yeah, this was a fun project to do,think I'm gonna do another one tomorrow

  3. How awesome! Me and my MIL were up camping this weekend and looking for letters to do this exact thing with. She gave up on finding one's for her name and started doing our last name; I was lucky enough to find all the letters for her name and can't wait to put it together for her birthday in October.

  4. I have seen these! And they usually sell for so much! Great idea for saving some money on a little pretty! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!!

  5. This is so cool..I have seen these everywhere and they are SOOOOO expensive. Thanks for sharing the idea.


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