Framed Fabric Wall Art

Do you have a favorite piece of fabric that you adore but don't know what to do with? 

 I've had this beautiful piece of fabric now for a few month's and have finally found a home for it.  Above my couch, on the wall...  Yep, that's what I said.  I framed it.  Why not frame something you believe is beautiful? 

I had an old HUGE picture frame in my storage shed of a beach scene that I wasn't too fond of.  I ripped the picture plum out of it.  I painted the matte, buttermilk white left over from painting a dressor (because I was determined to finish this project without going to Walmart, Hobby Lobby, get the point).  I painted the frame homemade custard to match the fabric.  Placed the fabric on the backer board, pinned it down with bobby pins and put it all back together...ta-da!  A beautiful work of art! 

 I needed something yellow to keep the flow coming from my yellow kitchen to the living room.  Balance balance..  I'm very proud of this project and plan to frame many many more great pieces of fabric :)

-Jessica Curry

Sister Shop, CurryDesignsHandmade Pearl Earring Giveaway!

For those of you who are new to DIYStyle Home, I also manage and own CurryDesignsHandmade where I show my other creative side in the fashion industry.  So to introduce you a little more to my sister shop I would like to host a giveaway for CDH!  

I will be giving away these lovely Large Sterling Silver Plated Kidney Shaped Glass Carolina Blue Pearl Earrings!!

  All you have to do is...
  • "like" CDHs  Facebook page.
  • Follow CDH through Google Friend Connect by clicking "Join this site" on the right side of CDH.
  • Last, leave a comment on this post how you entered.
That's it!!  Now you've entered to win this lovely pair of earrings, what will you wear them with?

Winner will be announced Sept 15, 2011
at 8pm Eastern Time.  So you may enter to win up till this time. 
Thank You!

Thanks to all 47 entries!!  You guys are great!  It was soo hard to choose because everyone had such nice things to say about these earrings and CDH. 

And the winner is...(silence..)..

wicked_lovly, she said...
"these are lovely earrings!
I followed you via GFC: wicked lovly"
Thanks Wicked lovly!!  Enjoy these earrings, I know I do, because I just had to make a pair for me too.. :)
-Jessica Curry, CDH

DIY Letter Photography Collages

I am sure you have seen these letter photography collage wall art in the stores, festivals online.. right?  If you haven't you've been in the house too long.. :)

Framed Photo Wall Art - Believe
source: Hobby Lobby


Well, I was thinking how easy this would be to DIY.  So I took my little camera and headed for the great outdoors and started snapping away.  At first it was challenging because I couldn't imagine letters anywhere.  I walked around my yard for about 20 minutes with my camera in hand.  My neighbors probably think I'm nuts...  Anyhoo, I chose to make a letter collage using DIY of course, ( it was an easy choice) and this is what I came up with. 

This was actually pretty fun to do and rewarding at the same time.  I am pretty pleased how it turned out.   Are you wondering how I got it to look aged and with the matte frame?  I discovered this awesome free photo editing website called picnik.  You should try it, I use it all the time.  I did all this for free!  Now I just need to print it out, frame and hang on my wall.

So why don't you take your camera and start creating your letter collage.  Make sure you come back and share your creation with DIYStyleHome!

New Fabric Scraps To Shop!

Hey you crafter's!  I have new fabric scraps coming to the fabricscrapshopThere are so many but I'm only going to show you a few.  These are great for re-upholstering furniture, sewing curtains making handbags, pillows, wallets, table runners, etc.  These scraps have come from our famous High Point, North Carolina furniture market and are high end.  Here are a few ideas for using fabric scraps..

                   Favcrafts                                                Fastercrafts                             

Now here are the new scrap additions...tada!

and theirs plenty more from where they came from!
These will be added to the Fabricscrapshop this coming week so be looking out.


DIY Monnagram A Tile

Do you have any tiles laying around?  Got a stencil or a steady hand?  I know we all have paint laying around especially if your a DIY reader!  Here's what you do to get a customized tile.

  • Get a tile, preferably light colored.  I'm using porcelain, 5x5 for .65 cents.
  • Choose a stencil.  I used a pack with letter and numbers from Walmart for $3.98
  • Select the paint.  Mine is Plaid in Calypso Sky, .98 cents at Walmart.
Tape your stencil to your tile and get to painting.
  • For better durability, spray with a sealant.
(I did two coats)
"Tada", your done, pretty easy huh?
These can be used for hanging on the wall, coasters, kitchen back splash, front porch address sign, garden stepping stones, etc...

I Heart Lantern's!

For a while now I've been looking everywhere for lanterns, doesn't matter what color because as you know spray paint is my bff.  I didn't want to pay retail prices and I couldn't find any at thrift stores.  One day my mother and I went to my home away from home, Habitat Re-Store, and as soon as I walked in, there they were, 4 huge pallets of lanterns.  Big ones, small ones, silver ones and black ones.  Big ones for $5.00 and small, $2.50.  Yeah I know, cheap huh?  So I grabbed a couple and headed home.  As from my previous post on Pottery Barn designs, here, they design a lot with lanterns, hint photo..

This was my inspiration.  They give such character and charm to any room. You can paint them silver, white, black or any other color.  It would look great in a bright red or blue for a beachy feel.  They look great as center pieces like I have here on my kitchen table..

You can also hang them from the ceiling or porch and it's looks great.  See below..

Where can you put a lantern or two in your home?

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