Fun DIY Art Gallery For Kids

This has been a very rewarding project and fun too.  I've had this idea for weeks but never got around to it.  My 4 year old Adam is very creative and imaginative so I created something fun and colorful to showcase his artistic side. This project is very cheap and fun.  All it cost me was .98 cent for the clothes pins, .98 cents for each painted wooden cutout (x3) and hemp string, $2.00.  Total cost = $6.00  Yep, and you can go cheaper than that if you already have these materials at home.  I took the wooden cutouts and nailed right through them with a picture hanging nail.  Then, tied the string to each nail.  You can use sailors rope (for a nautical theme), ribbon for the girly girls or cable.  For the wooden cut outs, you can also use anything that can be nailed to the wall, such as a finial, wooden peg, hooks, etc.  Then go have fun painting with your little one.  They will love showing their work off.

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