New Fabric Scraps To Shop!

Hey you crafter's!  I have new fabric scraps coming to the fabricscrapshopThere are so many but I'm only going to show you a few.  These are great for re-upholstering furniture, sewing curtains making handbags, pillows, wallets, table runners, etc.  These scraps have come from our famous High Point, North Carolina furniture market and are high end.  Here are a few ideas for using fabric scraps..

                   Favcrafts                                                Fastercrafts                             

Now here are the new scrap additions...tada!

and theirs plenty more from where they came from!
These will be added to the Fabricscrapshop this coming week so be looking out.


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  1. LOVE your scraps! definitely would LOVE to have fabric scraps around the house, but first... I need the fabric! LOL... can't wait to finally stop procrastinating and break out my sewing machine!


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