Painted Chandelier, Brass Turned Silver

I want to start out by saying how much I hate brass!  This old 90's style brass chandelier was here when we moved in and I know it had to be a builders choice (since my house was built in the 90'..)   I didn't want to go out and buy a new one right now so.....DIY of course!  I did this in about 30 min tops and I did it still hanging here.  Believe that!  I started off by taping off everything from the ceiling, and draping old sheets EVERYWHERE.  It looked like an old abandoned warehouse in the kitchen.  Next, I took off the glass globes and put them in the dishwasher for a good dusting.  Dishwashers work wonders.  Then started spray painting it with Krylon Silver Metallic paint.  I took an old magazine and put behind the parts I was painting for more control over the mess.  It worked.

Here is the rims around the globes that I took outside and painted.

All done, just need to replace the glass globes and rims.

 Ta-da!  Looks new and it only cost me $3.84 for the paint.
It's so much fun to use what you already have around the house and see what your capable of and transforming something you hate into something you love.

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