Candle Holder Make Over

This afternoon I went to my favorite store, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store here in Asheboro.  I went there not looking for anything in particular.  I remember seeing a post on one of my favorite blogs, on transforming a wooden candle holder.  I bought this candle holder with her post in mind.  I paid all of $2.00 for it.  I believe it's made of resin.  I spray painted it with a can of Walmart's $1.00 color place flat white.  It turned out beautifully.  It looks expensive and all I invested was $2.00 plus $1.00 can of paint (that I already had).  I'm not sure where I'm going to put it...but I feel good just knowing the  deal I got.


  1. Looks good! You'll have to share where it finds its home. :)

    I found you via TT&J and am the post two after yours from

    Take care!

  2. Thank you! I visited your blog and love the tile coasters! Great idea and the colors are fab!

  3. Amazing how you can get such a new look with a little bit of spray paint!


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