DIY Monnagram A Tile

Do you have any tiles laying around?  Got a stencil or a steady hand?  I know we all have paint laying around especially if your a DIY reader!  Here's what you do to get a customized tile.

  • Get a tile, preferably light colored.  I'm using porcelain, 5x5 for .65 cents.
  • Choose a stencil.  I used a pack with letter and numbers from Walmart for $3.98
  • Select the paint.  Mine is Plaid in Calypso Sky, .98 cents at Walmart.
Tape your stencil to your tile and get to painting.
  • For better durability, spray with a sealant.
(I did two coats)
"Tada", your done, pretty easy huh?
These can be used for hanging on the wall, coasters, kitchen back splash, front porch address sign, garden stepping stones, etc...

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