I Heart Lantern's!

For a while now I've been looking everywhere for lanterns, doesn't matter what color because as you know spray paint is my bff.  I didn't want to pay retail prices and I couldn't find any at thrift stores.  One day my mother and I went to my home away from home, Habitat Re-Store, and as soon as I walked in, there they were, 4 huge pallets of lanterns.  Big ones, small ones, silver ones and black ones.  Big ones for $5.00 and small, $2.50.  Yeah I know, cheap huh?  So I grabbed a couple and headed home.  As from my previous post on Pottery Barn designs, here, they design a lot with lanterns, hint photo..

This was my inspiration.  They give such character and charm to any room. You can paint them silver, white, black or any other color.  It would look great in a bright red or blue for a beachy feel.  They look great as center pieces like I have here on my kitchen table..

You can also hang them from the ceiling or porch and it's looks great.  See below..

Where can you put a lantern or two in your home?


  1. Oh wow, what a fabulous find. I love lanterns too, however I only have a couple on the patio. I need to go visit the Habitat restore. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Great pictures and suggestions. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thanks Marty! I appreciate your comment and your follow! Your blog is charming and has southern warmth. Hugs back, Jessica


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